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This crossword creation software helps you construct crosswords in a simple and efficient way on your iOS devices. It has everything you need to create fun and professional looking puzzles. It can build crosswords automatically from any list of words, but can also grant you full control over the creation process. You can also share your finished work with friends through email, iMessage, AirDrop, social media sites, etc; or just send it directly to any printer that supports the AirPrint technology.

After finishing your crossword you can upload your work directly from the app to the Internet. People can then view and solve your puzzles online, from any modern web browser.

Multi Touch Editor

Intuitive multi-touch editor designed for mobile devices

The crossword editor is easy to use, featuring an intuitive user interface that makes maximum use of multi-touch gestures. You can easily zoom out to see the full picture, or zoom in and scroll across the board to see details.

Also, the puzzle editor is fully compatible with an external Bluetooth keyboard on iOS 7 devices. The key mapping can be found at http://bit.ly/keymapping 

Clue database contains massive answers & clues from published crosswords

The internal clue database contains 25,000 answers and 75,000 clues. It’s embedded into the software, so you could use it as soon as the installation finished. Internet connection is not required when searching the answers and clues.

You could also import your own word / clue list if you want. After you imported your customized clue list, you could easily switch between it and the default one through the settings page.

Search Clue Database

Crossword Statistics

Copyright information and advanced statistics

Title, author and copyright information could be easily accessed and modified. If available, they will be presented whenever your puzzles are shared or published.

The statistics of your crossword, including the word length distribution, letter usage, the percentage of black squares, etc, are keeping up-to-date automatically.

Auto-place your own words to construct a puzzle in seconds

By providing a word list, the app could automatically search possible arrangements to use them to construct a crossword. The possible solutions will be presented according to how many letters are shared. You could then browse between them and choose the solution you like.


Picture Backdrops

Adding a picture backdrop for more fun

You can take a picture or import it from your photo album and set it as the background of your puzzle. All black squares will turn transparent when a background picture is present.

Sharing and printing

You can share your crosswords with your friends in multiple ways— either export your puzzle as a partially filled-in form and let other people continue working on that, or export the blank version for an extra challenge. Crosswords can be exported in various formats (PDF, PNG, TXT, iPUZ, and PUZ), and can be shared via email, iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, AirDrop, etc., with a simple touch. You may also choose to save the exported files to cloud-based services like Dropbox and Evernote, or open them with other puzzle apps that support the file type (e.g. Puzzazz).

You can also print your crossword directly from your iPhone or iPad to any AirPrint-enabled device.

Sharing Puzzles

Web publishing your puzzle is as easy as pie

After finishing your crossword, you may choose to publish it through our web service. The app will generate a link for your puzzle, which you can share with your friends or on social media, which will allow them to play on a HTML5 compatible web browser.

Wanna to play a simple puzzle? BLACK FLAGS

What’s New In Version 6.x

– Web publishing: user could now upload the finished crosswords to Internet. People could play that by opening the shared link in any HTML5 compatible web browser, including (Mobile) Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc.
– An user system to publish and manage the published crosswords
– Optimize the crossword editor. The editor is now “smarter”, and can automatically choose the correct direction.
– Use bigger font for entry indices when exporting unfilled puzzle. Make your puzzle more readable when save it in image and post on Facebook, etc.
– Long-press a letter to make it always visible when exporting an unfilled puzzle, or when playing interactively online
– Support landscape orientations on iPad
– Support external bluetooth keyboards on iOS 7 devices
– Tips and tricks

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