Frequently Asked Questions


How come I can’t save my puzzle???

*** DON’T PANIC ***

There is no “Save” button in the crossword editing page. And you don’t have to do that. The puzzles are automatically saved whenever you tap “Back” and return to the puzzle library or main menu. They would also be saved when you press the Home button, or by switching to another App.

After you created your first puzzle and returned to the main menu, you could find it on the puzzle library, by tapping the big button on the right.

For the security, you might want to return back to the main menu / puzzle library after a big update, or before switching to another iOS device for modifying the puzzle via iCloud. Having the same puzzle opened in more than one devices is NOT recommended.


How to play my finished puzzle with Across Lite for iPad?

Please check the following pictures:

Across Lite (1)Across Lite (2)Across Lite (3)Across Lite (4)


How to import and use your own word / clue list

1. Make a text file with extension “.cluelist”. Each word and clue pair is on a seperate line, seperated by space, as the example below:

CAT Feline
CAT Double curve
HAT Headgear
BIRD Goose or loon
BIRD Celtic great

You could also omit the clue part, as the “OWL” line. In this case, the clue would be set as “undefined”.

Crossword Word List Location

2. Copy the .cluelist file to Crossword’s document folder via iTunes. (Check the attached picture)

3. Open the “Setting” page via the top-left button on the starting page.

4. Tap the button “Import Word/Clue List”, and then choose the file you want to import. It takes a while to fully import your clue list if it’s huge.

5. Use the switcher “Use user database” to choose if you want to use the customized clue list, or the internal one.


When a clue list is huge (more than a few hundreds of megabytes), it would consume a big amount of memory when importing it. If you meet problem with this kind of list on low-end devices (e.g. the first generation of iPad), please simplify it to reduce the data amount.


How to input European alphabets

Long press a key which has valid variations. Here is a list of the them:

E – È É Ê Ë Ē Ė Ę
Y – Ÿ
U – Û Ü Ù Ú Ū
I – Î Ï Í Ī Į Ì
O – Ô Ö Ò Ó Œ Ø Ō Õ
A – À Á Â Ä Æ Ã Å Ā
S – Ś Š ẞ
L – Ł
Z – Ž Ź Ż
C – Ç Ć Č
N – Ñ Ń


How to delete my puzzle

Option 1: Use the “Delete” button on the File Panel.
Option 2: Long press the corresponding puzzle in the puzzle browser, and use the popup menu.

Format clues and add multimedia contents to the web-based interactive crosswords

By putting certain tags in your clue texts, it’s very easy to make it rich formatted, and add pictures and links to it.

The following tags are supported:

Tag Description Example Result
[i] format text italic [i]Italic text[/i] Italic text
[b] format text bold [b]Bold text[/b] Bold text
[img] put an image (aligned to center) [img][/img]

[B] setup a blue (visible) link to external URL [B link=’’]Crossword Maker For Cruciverbalists[/B] Crossword Maker For Cruciverbalists
[R] setup a red (invisible) link to external URL.* Red link looks like normal text before the answer is found. It will turn red and be click-able after the correct answer if filled. [R link=’’]Crossword Maker For Cruciverbalists[/R] Crossword Maker For Cruciverbalists
[p] make a new paragraph (left aligned) First paragraph[p]A new paragraph[/p] First paragraphA new paragraph
[pc] make a new paragraph (aligned to center) First paragraph[pc]Another paragraph[/pc] First paragraph

Another paragraph


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